SOP: Adding Partopia as a Business manager

Go to Business settings.

Select Invite People from the Users tab.

Screenshot of a digital interface showing buttons labeled "Filters," "Export," and a prominent blue "Invite people" button highlighted within a red rectangle.


Add [email protected] and then click Next

A screen prompting the user to invite people by entering their email address. An email is entered in the input field, highlighted with a red arrow pointing to the "Next" button.


Turn on Full Control

Screenshot of a webpage showing a step in setting user permissions. The user selects "Manage" under "Full control," with a yellow warning about limiting the number of people who can control the portfolio.


Select the Page where you want to attach the ads to and turn on Full Control

A screenshot of the Facebook Business Suite interface showing the process to assign access to 'Partopia Digital' with an option selected for full control permissions.


If you already have an ad account existing and want to use that, switch to Ad accounts, check the account and then click Invite

Screenshot of a Facebook Business Manager interface showing steps to assign access to an ad account. The "Ad accounts" option is selected, a specific account is checked, and the invite button is highlighted.

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